The Best Hostels in the World

I have spoken with a number of friends, family members, co-workers and even some strangers about traveling on a budget and something I almost always mention to them is Hostels. When I mention hostels, I have noticed that most people seem to think that hostels are these dirty, grungy places that offer little to no comfort or amenities for the low budget traveler. They seem surprised when I tell them about a new trend with hostels that is taking over the world. I am talking about premium, luxury or 5-star hostels. They are often called “poshtels” because some of them (if not most) are actually more posh than most hotels I have ever stayed at. So here’s my compilation of the best hostels in the world. Enjoy.

I have not stayed at most of these hostels myself but the more I travel, the more I will learn about these places. If you know of any hostels that you feel should be added to this map, please let me know with a tweet at @JonnyTravels. As I slowly travel around the world in a lifetime, I will slowly be reviewing these hostels and adding those reviews to this map so be sure to check back here before you go on your next trip.